ATS helps promote Merry Christmas in US

By December 4, 2006

USA (MNN) — Political correctness has invaded Christmas in the United States. Stores post signs that say happy holidays, season greetings, or even peace on earth. However, the American Tract Society says Jesus is the reason for the season and they’re doing something to promote that fact.

ATS’ Fern Knabel says, “We have this little business-sized card. And, on one side it says, ‘Merry Christmas,’ and a Scripture verse, ‘A Savior has been born.’ And, you flip it over and it has a ‘happy holidays’ with a ‘no’ sign in front of it and a www address”

This is a link to a website that tells the true meaning of Christmas. “When you say ‘Merry Christmas’ to someone,” says Knabel, “just hand them this card and then at their leisure they can go on that website and what they’re going to find it the Gospel presentation — why Jesus Christ came and why it IS a Merry Christmas.”

According to Knabel, this card allows even the most timid Christians to be a witness this Christmas. “It’s so easy for you to have these in your pocket, purse, backpack, or your sports bag, and anytime you would normally say ‘Merry Christmas’ just hand them this card and I promise you the Holy Spirit is going to work.”

If you’d like to get a copy of the cards, click here.

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