Attacks on Christians not stopping JESUS in India

By April 5, 2012

India (MNN) — It's Passion Week around the world–a time that often is marred by violence from those who oppose Christianity. Christians in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East are praying protection upon Christians as they begin remembering Christ during Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. One group that's not backing down from their efforts to share JESUS is the JESUS Film Project.

Associate Director of Asia Field Strategy for the JESUS Film Project, George Mason, says their India partners will be airing the "JESUS" Film on national television across the county on Resurrection Sunday. "Back in 2000 we did a special millennial edition to honor the 2000th birthday of Jesus. And when we showed it on television in India, we got estimates of over 500 million people watching that show."

Mason says while there may be many who typically reject Christ, Easter is a great time for "JESUS." "Special occasions like Easter are just so good because it draws people's interest, even if they may not have been interested before. They know it's a Christian holiday. They're just interested, so they watch the movies to see what it's about."

Is Mason concerned that showing the film will cause more persecution? "I don't think we're concerned it will cause more problems, but those problems do continue to escalate and we are praying that the Christians will be able to stand strong in their faith — that they won't give up and not recant their faith."

While the JESUS film is already available in India, not everyone can watch the film. "We have about 96 Indian languages available right now with the 'JESUS' film, but we're working on at least 30 more that would be spoken by at least 50,000 or more people."

Mason says there's still a lot of work to be done. Much of it can't be done right now. "There's a whole process of getting a script written from the Gospel of Luke. Some of these smaller languages don't even have a written script. So there are all kinds of challenges that we face in getting the languages completed."

In order to do that, they need qualified people to do the work. And there are funding needs. "The vast majority of funds we need are for implementation and strategy using this film. You can fund a language for about $40,000, but it costs many times more than that to actually see the thing put into use."

If you'd like to support the JESUS Film Project's work in India and around the world, click here.

Also, if you're looking for a way to share Christ this Easter, post a link so people can watch the "JESUS" film online. "It's available in over 1,000 languages on our Web site. You can watch it, or you can refer any friend here in this country who speaks another language so they can watch it as well."

You can also post links to the "JESUS" film on your Facebook page.

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