Attacks to GFA call for prayer

By April 24, 2009

India (MNN) — This past Sunday, both the life of a Gospel for Asia missionary and a church building project were threatened by an anti-Christian extremist group.

The missionary, Jayal Ekka, was visited by the anti-Christian group at his home. The extremists told Jayal they would kill him if he did not leave the village, presumably in an attempt to get him to end his ministry. So far, this has amazingly not deterred him. A ministry leader is discussing the situation with local police, and Jayal has not left the village or his ministry. The threat, however, remains troubling.

It is also disconcerting that the group had power enough to halt a church building project altogether on the very same day that they threatened Jayal.

Indra Kanher is the pastor of a church that is in the process of putting up a building. When the extremists visited him, however, they forced construction on the church to stop, claiming it was because of the national elections taking place. Until the building can safely continue, Kanher is concerned that materials will be ruined.

As if this weren't enough, not long before all this took place a Bridge of Hope children's center was shut down in Manipur, India due to violence by a rebel group.

Bridge of Hope centers are the primary source of education and spiritual nourishment for many GFA-sponsored children, and the absence of this oasis is keenly felt.

GFA is in need of prayer. Please pray for the safety of Jayal and for the continuation of his ministry. Pray also that the church and the Bridge of Hope center would both be up and running safely soon.

Pray particularly for the salvation of the anti-Christian extremists involved in much of this destruction, that they might see the truth held by the ministries they are trying to destroy.

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