Audio ministry matches growth with sharp new tools

By August 1, 2008

International (MNN) — Faith Comes By Hearing just launched
a Web site update that is expected to catapult their ministry into instantaneous
global distribution. 

National Director of
Faith Comes By Hearing, Troy Carl, says not
only did they present new features, but also they're seeing high demand out of
creative access countries where Bibles land people in jail. "One of the
most exciting aspects of this recent development is that many of our downloads
of the New Testament that are being requested in the various languages are
coming from closed countries now." 

So while it may be difficult to gather in house churches and
read physical Bibles, this tool allows the virtual body of Christ to be discipled
in private.

Carl says among Scripture Web sites,
is unique because it's more than an information platform. "You may be able to find a version or a
language from certain groups, but Faith Comes By Hearing has partnerships with
all the major Bible translation organizations of the world. [Also], our Audio Bible software allows
anyone to choose any language from one convenient method. And, our
audio Bibles are completely dramatized, and that's very important, especially
among oral cultures."

The interactive Web site translates the default language that
a computer is preset to at the time a visitor arrives at the site. For example, if a reader were to access the
site from Russia and tried to download the New Testament, the pages would
automatically download in Cyrillic text.

It also delivers and reads 39 different trade languages at
the same time. Bloggers, webmasters, and
other social networkers can access new features like widgets, banners and other software
that will help the virtual community distribute Scripture.

Also, with the new "Subscribe To" feature, users can stay
informed by subscribing to monthly ministry emails that deliver inspiring
testimonies, worldwide prayer needs and the latest ministry news to their email

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