Audio ministry spreading out to the hills of Sudan

By June 30, 2008

Sudan (MNN) — Tom Dudenhofer with Audio Scripture
says they're one step closer to reaching out to the
Tira people of Sudan.

They already have some Scripture
portions and indigenous music available on the hand-cranked cassette players. Dudenhofer says people enthusiastically
received the players, partly because they were hearing Scripture in their own
languge. Then, God provided a local evangelist who sang
Scripture songs and mixed them with the Scripture recordings.  

As typically happens when
people are exposed to God's Word, there was a thirst for more.  Dudenhofer says they're now looking at
putting more books of the Bible and music on a smaller unit. "We are going to be assisting the group
in Sudan to putting the Scriptures and songs on the new MegaVoice Digital
players. We think that these will have an even greater impact because they'll
go into more sensitive locations."

The MegaVoice is much more
portable and easy to conceal. It is also
built for the region. It's rugged,
durable, water resistant, and solar powered. Approximately the
size and weight of a deck of cards, the player can play the complete
Bible yet still has room for an entire Bible study course.

While it's exciting to see this
project continue to grow, Dudenhofer says they're encountering some resistance
from the government. It's becoming
increasingly difficult for their support staff to obtain visas. 

He urges prayer. "We need to
pray for God's protection on both the people who are working on recordings and
so on, and the national believers who are doing the work. They have to be the
ones who are out front."

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