Audio Scripture boosts Mexican church growth

By January 7, 2019

Mexico (MNN) — Approximately 129 million people fill Mexico’s borders, and many of them are oral learners. This means they gain better understanding when new information is spoken rather than written down.

When oral learners hear Scripture in their heart language, lives change. Joshua Harrison with Audio Scripture Ministries says the Church is thriving as a result.

“We’re hearing consistently that the Mexican Church is growing as people listen to God’s Word in community,” he explains.

“God’s Word doesn’t come back void, and when we are able to hear it in our own language and in community, God starts to do mighty things.”

Many people in Mexico are oral learners. This means they get a better understanding when new information is spoken rather than written down. Read this article to learn more about orality.

When oral learners hear Scripture in their heart language, great things happen.

“God’s Word is living and active,” Harrison explains. “When we connect people to it… they can receive Jesus, and grow in His grace.”

Connecting people with audio Scripture

In 2018, ASM’s team and their church partners distributed 600 audio Bibles in 15 languages to communities throughout the country. They also started 20 listening groups in Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico.

“They’ve had 6 new church plants arise out of those groups and [we’re] rejoicing that 180 people have come to faith in Jesus.”

Partnership makes ASM’s work in Mexico possible. First, they partner with Bible translation and media ministries like Wycliffe USA and Faith Comes By Hearing to obtain audio Scripture in different languages. Then, they transfer that audio to portable devices like these.

Meet Rosa. About 20 years ago, her husband, Juan, helped translate and record Scriptures in the Chinantec language. Many audio Bibles have been distributed throughout Mexico because of their work.
(Photo, caption courtesy of ASM via Facebook)

Through partnerships with local churches and church leaders, ASM connects individual believers with God’s Word in their heart language. Those believers form “listening groups” that gather on a regular, ongoing basis to hear the Word of God.

“We’re seeing that the Lord is growing His Church as people listen to His Word together in community throughout the year,” Harrison notes.

Now that you know, what will you do?

“Would you help give someone in Mexico their own audio Bible?” suggests Harrison.

“For $35 we can place a Bible in somebody’s hands, and that’s not just a new Bible, a new version, but [it’s a chance] for them to hear God’s Word in their own language for the very first time.”

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