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Published on 09 June, 2010

Audio Scripture Ministries to construct ministry center for long time partners

India (MNN) — In Bangalore, India, the director of World Cassette Outreach of India's residence sits six feet below street level, resulting in monsoons annually flooding his home and place of ministry.

Since WCOI's inception over 30 years ago, Audio Scripture Ministries has partnered with them, as WCOI recorded New Testaments in 75 different Indian languages.

Now, Tom Dudenhofer of ASM said they want to help WCOI with new and larger facilities above flood waters, enabling WCOI not only to continue translation but proceed at faster pace.

"We really feel like this is an opportunity that God has given us to correct the problem and to provide some facilities to encourage the continued recording of Scripture," Dudenhofer said.

The new ministry center ASM has planned will be in the same location as the WCOI's director's home. However, large water tanks will prevent flooding, and living quarters will be elevated. Aside from housing staff and a spot for translation, the center will have space for guests and community events, which are out of the question with the current building.

"We're hoping that construction can start on this in the next 30 to 60 days, maybe a little longer than that. And we're also grateful that God has provided over half the money that we need for the construction. We're asking God to supply the balance for that, and it looks as though He's already prepared hearts to do that," Dudenhofer said.

As ASM proceeds with this project, they are excited to see God work even more in the ministry of WCOI. Dudenhofer said their faithfulness to the Great Commission has been incredible: "It's thrilling to see the power of God in the lives of people when they simply meet and listen to the Word … And so, they have seen many, many people come to Jesus Christ."

You can help them continue in their goal to record as many New Testaments in the 1600 languages of India as possible. ASM still needs $95,000 for construction and more funds afterward for supplies and maintenance. Visit ASM's Web site or WCOI's Web site to get started.

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