Audio Scripture players help build the church in Mozambique

By December 9, 2010

Mozambique (MNN) — Both Christians and non-Christians
in Mozambique are eager to learn more about God. It also poses a problem
since roughly 60 percent of Mozambique's population is illiterate, so they
could not read a Bible even if they had one. 

In response, Audio
Scripture Ministries
began a partnership
in 2005, assisting with a small recording project and the distribution of a few
Scripture cassettes to a small area in southern Mozambique.

Their partner, Crown of Victory Studios, has grown rapidly
during the last 5 years and is now making God's Word available on digital
Scripture players to millions of non-readers in every province of Mozambique
and beyond.

As they take on more partnerships and projects, the ministry has
burst the seams of its current space on the 3rd floor of a Bible College near
the city of Xai-Xai. ASM asked God to
provide a facility that would give this outreach room to function and grow.

God responded with a
piece of property, the right people, and the right connections. The
team is raising the funding to complete the purchase of some property so that the
first phase of construction can begin.

In the meantime, the teams continue to lay the groundwork for new
distributions. One is heading to Chimoio–the fifth-largest city in Mozambique–to distribute God's Word in the Shona

With all of the activity, their inventory of the digital Scripture players
was running critically low. In fact,
ASM had just sent the last of their remaining inventory to Africa, when a
partner ministry donated more units. 

These players will allow the teams to continue responding
to smaller requests for players while they wait for the next shipment of players
from the manufacturer. It's perfect
timing. The players go fast
because they are affordable, durable, easy to use, and solar powered.   

Another shipment of audio Bibles is headed to Mozambique this month. $40
allows a Mozambican family to receive a Digital Scripture player. ASM's goal is to raise enough to distribute
1200 digital audio Bibles in Mozambique by the end of 2010. They've sent nearly 500 so far. Click here for details on how you can help.

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