Audio upgrade could reach hundreds of millions

By February 16, 2011

India (MNN) — The Bible is an invariably essential tool for Christians to learn, to grow, and to teach. But many believers still don't have the written Word in their language, which can be extremely frustrating. Perhaps even more frustrating, however, is having the Word in a form you can understand, and then having it taken away.

Audio Scriptures are an especially important tool in areas where a majority of people are illiterate. There are still hundreds of languages waiting for their first written and audio Scriptures. Other people groups have access to audio recordings, but the recordings they have are slowly deteriorating.

Cassette recordings were innovative 30 years ago as ministries brought the Word on tape, but now they are starting to fall apart. As a result, ministries who previously recorded on cassette now need to re-record.

Audio Scripture Ministries has partnered with World Cassette Outreach India to restore the Malayalam New Testament recording. The Malayalam language accounts for hundreds of millions of people.

After a few months of work with reader Marshall Joshua and technician William, the ministries were able to complete the New Testament in the Malayalam language. They hope to restore the full Bible as soon as possible and make it available on solar-powered digital players.

Preparations for the re-recording have not been easy, but the opportunity has at least allowed the ministries to make necessary updates to old translations. Pray that these new recordings would deepen the insight of Malayalam speakers across India.

Pray ultimately that these projects would help to effectively reach every one of the millions of Malayalam speakers in the world. Learn more about how you can help with this project here.

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