Authorities put flood deaths at 5,500

By July 11, 2013
Photo courtesy of GFA.

Photo courtesy of GFA.

India (MNN) — Authorities have raised the official deal toll to 5,500 from northern India’s flood crisis.

That number is still rising as officials are trying to gather and identify bodies from the flood waters, according to Fox News.

But it’s difficult when some of those killed have even been washed down rivers hundreds of kilometers from the main flooding area.

A disaster management official said the final death toll could get as high as 10,000. The numbers are staggering in comparison to India’s floods last year which caused around 100 deaths.

“The total number of people still missing is 4,500,” said Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna in a Monday news conference.

Meanwhile, several people are homeless after the flood waters got a hold of their houses. 250,000 people had to flee in the northern state of Assam.

Photo courtesy of GFA.

Photo courtesy of GFA.

Gospel for Asia (GFA) is ministering to these displaced individuals and families with their Compassion Services team. They provided relief kits with rice, potatoes, oil, salt, first-aid kits, raincoats, blankets and tarps. One mother and son hadn’t eaten anything in three days.

“I have a big family,” said Wafiya, a local resident. “After the flood, all our domestic things and our home had been washed away. If I go to buy things, the road is damaged. What was I to do? I was wondering how to feed my small children, but thank you for providing provisions. They will last at least one month.”

On top of the relief kits, GFA’s Compassion Services team passed out Gospel literature. The people were so touched by the message that they asked the team members to start a church service. They wanted to know more about Jesus Christ.

Another local resident, Baanbhatt, said, “No other group has concern for us, but this church came from a long distance and helped us. I am greatly thankful to them.”

Pray for the people in India to find rest in the Lord. Pray for the flood victims and for the team seeking to bring aid and hope.

Support GFA’s Compassion Services and give to flood relief here.

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