Awareness is a priority for water ministry

By January 23, 2007

USA (MNN) — Many claim once the need is known, Christians will want to get involved. That’s the premise behind Living Water International’s Share the Vision events that are being held around the United States.

On March 29, LWI is holding a Gala in Washington, Dc that can’t help but draw more attention to their work, says LWI’s President Jerry Wiles. “Most people don’t realize that 1.1 billion people in the world today are without clean safe drinking water. And, contaminated water is the number one killer in the world today. The foundation of all sustainable development and sustainable mission work is making sure people are alive to hear the Gospel.”

As people catch the vision at these events and get involved, their investment allows Living Water International to break down barriers. “We are finding that in many parts of the world where we are working, it opens the door to the Gospel in places where going in with a Bible teaching ministry, evangelism, or church planting often will encounter resistance that we’re able to overcome,” says Wiles.

LWI just started working in two new countries, bringing their total to 25 countries around the world. Wiles says the work is growing at a 41-percent annual growth rate and more people are needed to help with their program. Funding is also needed.

$1 provides one person with clean water for one-year which is saving lives. Wiles says, “We’re talking about the neediest people on the planet both physically and spiritually. So, it’s a very strategic, high impact opportunity when you can bring clean water along with the demonstration of the love of Christ and lead people to a relationship with Him.”

If you’d like to be a part of the Gala call (281) 207-7800. If you’d like to help financially click here. .

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