Bank goes above & beyond to support ministry

By November 28, 2012

Zambia (MNN) — Eight years ago, CURE International formed a relationship with Finance Bank of Zambia (FBZ). When CURE was looking for local Zambian help to establish a specialty teaching hospital, Finance Bank, through Chairman Dr. Rajan Mahtani, gave their support.

The financial services FBZ provided were only part of the package. FBZ celebrated CURE's arrival by sponsoring the catering needs during the opening ceremony at the hospital. They also hosted a lavish dinner the same evening at a five star hotel. In that part of the world, meals are very highly esteemed.

FBZ has once again recognized CURE's need for local financial support. FBZ has deviated from the norm and donated $50,000 toward the treatment of poor children with disabling conditions.

Upon receiving this donation, CURE held an event to commemorate this gesture. FBZ provided the tent and the refreshments. They also received a tour of the hospital. Mr. Barkat Ali, the managing Director, was humbled by what he saw.

Mr. Ali stated that the donation to Beit CURE Hospital is one way through which the Bank has demonstrated its commitment to reducing the child mortality rate.

Beit CURE Zambia is one of the few hospitals in Zambia that is able to adequately address the surgical needs of the disabled children in the country. Along with patient beds, the hospital also houses a chapel and spiritual center, three operating theaters, an outpatient clinic, an administrative building and a general services building.

Pray that the hospital will continue to impact lives. Ask God to provide for the spiritual needs to all who enter the doors. Praise the Lord for the willingness that FBZ has to be involved in the CURE Hospital.

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