Bare Your Bookshelf allows Christians to minister from their own homes

By November 24, 2009

USA (MNN) — Do you have extra Bibles and other Christian books lining your bookshelves? Are they covered in dust?

If you answered "yes" to both of the preceding questions, you can help Christian Resources International (CRI) with their Bare Your Bookshelf initiative.

Fred Palmerton of CRI said the initiative started because of a huge need.

"We receive hundreds of letters every month from people overseas who can write and communicate to us in English, and they're seeking a Bible or other Christian books," he said.

CRI soon realized they could never fill this great need alone. "So we designed Bare Your Bookshelf, which is a great program. We partner with champions all over America who want to be part of the ministry and do mission work right from their own home," Palmerton said.

Bare Your Bookshelf started three years ago and has been going strong since.

For interested participants, Palmerton said CRI sends "a packet out to them along with the original letter of request from some soul in a developing country who wants a Bible. We send all of the shipping labels, all of the materials to the interested champion who has excess Bibles and other resources."

Then, that person simply fills the request with books from his or her own bookshelf or from a local Christian bookstore. Shipping costs just $12.95.

Once the books reach their destination, CRI will send the packager the recipient's name to pray for them.

Palmerton said this allows people access to a Bible who might never have seen one otherwise.

Also, though all of the literature is in English, the program is able to reach many people across the world.

"There are few corners of the world now that [do] not use English to some degree," Palmerton said. Requests come from nationals across Africa, as well as India, Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Philippine Islands.

To learn more about Bare Your Bookshelf and to get involved today, click here.

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