‘Bare Your Bookshelf’ project supplies Bibles for pastors overseas

By April 14, 2009

USA (MNN) — According to Christian Resources International, the average American Christian owns 9 Bibles. Every month, CRI receives 400 letters from pastors and Christian workers worldwide whose churches are severely lacking Christian resources. Now, American believers can both clean off their shelves and help answer the desperate prayers of overseas pastors at the same time.

"The need is far greater than we can imagine," says CRI'S Executive Director, Fred Palmerton. "We developed 'Bare Your Bookshelf' for the average American Christian to help meet that need. They can be a part of answering prayer right from their living room."

"Bare Your Bookshelf" is a CRI project designed to make it easy for American believers to send much-needed resources overseas. Anyone who fills out a form on CRI's website will receive all the necessary mailing materials. Donors will also receive the recipient's name and address.

"If you have Bibles drawing dust on your shelf at home," Palmerton says, "you can send them to a pastor or new Christian."

Only CRI's return address is contained on mailing materials to protect donors from personal contact by anyone overseas.

Palmerton uses the example of a pastor in Africa to explain how desperate this worldwide situation is. CRI received a letter from this pastor desperately asking for God's Word; in his flock of 35, no one had their own Bible.

"He has the only Bible among the 35, and he was asking if someone out there could help send one more Bible so he could share the other Bible with the whole village."

Foundational materials to help a pastor study and teach God's Word are resources that overseas pastors need the most. If you'd like to learn more about "Bare Your Bookshelf" and how to help CRI touch the lives of Christian communities worldwide, click here.

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  • I have a Life Application Study Bible–NASB–

    NIV Study Bible
    Both from Zondevan and are hardback–good shape

    The NIV is small print–maybe 11 point or less?

    Work for Bare Your Bookshelf?

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