Barna study highlights veteran skills

By January 19, 2023

USA (MNN) — A recent study from Barna Research examined how veterans in the United States view and use their God-given talents. Veterans scored higher than their civilian counterparts in Technical, Management, and Entrepreneurial skills.

“The fact that management came to the top is spot on,” Army veteran Steve Prince says. Prince leads Warriors Set Free, a division of Set Free Ministries.

“We are put in leadership from day one. You get off the bus for basic training, they pick one guy and say, ‘Make sure everybody’s where they need to be.’”

Transitioning these gifts from the military to the civilian world isn’t always easy. “Sometimes it can be challenging,” Prince says.

“My first job as a stinger gunner in the military was shooting down airplanes. There’s not much of a demand for that in peacetime.”

While some veterans struggle to find the right job, others carry additional baggage in the form of trauma. Veterans have some of the highest suicide, divorce, alcohol, and drug abuse rates nationwide.

75% of post-9/11 veterans self-identify as having PTSD.
(Photo, caption courtesy of Warriors Set Free)

“A big part of life is getting to a point where you know you’ve got stuff you need to deal with; you got to unpack what you’ve been through. For those of us who saw combat, that’s a lot to unpack,” Prince says.

Warriors Set Free helps veterans grow in their faith to heal from the past and win life’s battles. More about that here. “We don’t give them advice. We show them what Scripture says,” Prince says.

“We only want to give them solid truth.”

Your support can help a veteran find healing in Christ.




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