BCM International is looking for participants to tour Israel

By January 27, 2012

Israel (MNN) — The nation of Israel holds significance for a lot of religions, but especially for believers in Christ. It's the land where our Savior was born, lived out His ministry, and died for a sinful world.

Few people get a chance to visit Israel, but Bible Centered Ministries International (BCM) has an opportunity for you to walk the same roads Jesus walked 2,000 years ago.

Bible Centered Ministries International is offering a trip to Israel this April led by a number of Bible scholars — and at a recently-reduced rate.

The BCM tour will take you up the Mediterranean coast to the borders of Lebanon and Syria. As you visit Northern Israel, you will see the snow-covered peak of Mt. Herman, travel on the Golan Heights, walk along the shore of the Sea of Galilee, and visit the sites where Jesus called His disciples.

In the South of the country you can "swim" in the Dead Sea, visit the caves at Qumran and climb the steeps of Massada.

The capital, Jerusalem, is in the central part of the country. BCM has made special arrangements to spend an entire day on the "West Bank" visiting the "Land of Samaria" and the first cities Joshua and his people encountered as they entered the Promise Land. Very few groups have done that in recent years.

The host for this tour is Dr. Marty Windle, President of BCM International. The tour's Bible teacher will be Dr. Homer Heater, a Biblical and Archaeological Scholar whose insights and commentary will make the Bible come alive.

This trip provides an opportunity for you to see how God has been working throughout history, and how He continues to today. Walking in the footsteps of Jesus brings a perspective that can only inspire you in your Christian walk and in outreach to others.

The trip will take place from April 18 to April 28. The deadline for registration is February 29. Trip prices have been reduced from $3989 to $3599 per person. To learn more or register for the trip, click here.

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