Be a missionary from your own living room

By June 16, 2010

USA (MNN) — In the U..S, the average household has eight or
nine Bibles lying around their house, either sitting on a bedside table in a
pile of other books or sitting on a shelf covered in dust. In addition to this
excess of Bibles, Christian households also have shelves and shelves of
Christian literature, some read once but many left untouched.

Outside the U..S in developing countries, English-speaking
believers may have one Bible per congregation or nothing at all. This makes
the pastor's role of crafting sermons even more difficult.

Every month, Christian Resources International receives requests
from many of these Christians, asking for Bibles and other Christian

CRI does what they can. However, their Executive Director
Fred Palmerton, said, "We are completely unable to answer all of those
needs. So we developed a program where people can respond to those requests
from their own living room through a program called Bare Your Bookshelf."

When CRI receives requests from Christians around the world,
they send a list of the desired materials to interested individuals across the
U.S. These partners then gather up the books, either from their own collection
or from a local bookstore, and then ship the books out according to
instructions CRI sends with the requests.

To send out the books, shipping is under $14.

"We receive numerous applications from people across
America to fill some of these needs, but the need is far greater than the
response," Palmerton said. CRI therefore needs your help to continue to fill
these requests.

To get started, you do not even have to leave your home:
"It's pretty exciting to be able to be a missionary from your own home,"
Palmerton said. Plus, CRI has no way of notifying every Christian who sends in
a request for resources. So when you fill the request, people are pleasantly
surprised to receive a package of all the materials they asked for.

Click here to get started today and provide Christians
across the world with tools to help them grow in their faith and share Christ with
others around them.

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