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By November 11, 2016

International (MNN) — Books are a great way to share thoughts and ideas. They’re also a way to send God’s Word across the nations, as a book missionary.

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International via Facebook)

Christian Resources International is in the book business, in the sense that the ministry is sending collections of bound pages filled with Christianity to foreign soil.

CRI’s Jason Woolford explains, “One of the biggest things we have a need of is people across the United States looking at their shelves, their house, and looking at extra Bibles and Christian books they might have and sending those into the ministry. We have people who do that from all over the United States. And of course, we take those and re-purpose them and give them back to people around the world absolutely for free.”

Books and Impact

Just this year alone, Woolford says CRI has given away used book value of $10 million (USD) in 21 different countries. That means a lot of books are carrying God’s Word to people in need, and God’s Word never returns void.

But the ministry needs financial support to keep sending the Gospel to various nations. It costs about $11,000 to send a sea container to another country.

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

(Photo courtesy of Christian Resources International)

Though the books sent are donated to CRI, the money to get them where they need to go has to come from somewhere, and it often comes from donors who want to see God’s Word dispersed to individuals at no personal cost.

“We always tell people when you give a dollar to CRI, it actually turns into $35 because of the way our ministry is set up. So you’re really seeding the good ground. We have individuals that come alongside of us and support us at $35 a month,” Woolford shares.

“Individuals or churches will sometimes say, ‘Hey, I want to sponsor that entire sea container, and know that is going to get into the hands of 30,000 people for free, and provide a half-a-million-dollars worth of free Bibles and Christian books.”

History and Help

The idea of CRI sending Christian books along to others across the world came from one man, a junk dealer who found a Bible in a garbage can. The man refused to leave the Bible in the trash.

He treasured God’s Word when others didn’t, or had perhaps upgraded their own scriptural collection. Now, when people upgrade their Bible or Christian book collections, there’s a more impactful option compared to tossing a book in the trash. Instead, it can be donated.

Yet, whether or not donating Christian books is a thing you can do right now, would you please pray? Pray for the spiritual warfare CRI faces, and for those who take part in either giving, sending, or receiving these Christian books.

Pray also for the books to come in and be sent to the right places, and pray also for CRI’s financial support to send these books.

For more info about CRI, click here!

To donate books, click here!


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