Being ‘Second’ reaches nonbelievers

By September 8, 2010

International (MNN) — College is a wonderful time to get involved with clubs and extracurricular activities. But how many of these organizations actually have deep meaning? What if a club existed that actually made an impact for Christ?

The E3 Partners program I Am Second offers just this sort of opportunity. I Am Second is a worldwide multimedia movement to get believers reaching out by serving those around them. We've talked about the program in the past, but let's get a deeper look.

I Am Second UNT is barely a year old. This particular Texan chapter of the outreach shared with E3 how they conduct their meetings and their mission as a group.

The group is described as "directed toward the college generation, open to anyone and free to join." Within the 35-member group on the University of North Texas campus, several smaller groups have been formed. These small groups meet throughout the week, but every Sunday a large group meeting is held.

At large group, several things happen. Updates are given as in any other club. But unlike other clubs, prayer and worship are also conducted. The group also watches an I Am Second video every week (many of which can be viewed at their Web site), and they read a passage to go along with the video and answer questions about how to practically apply what they've learned while interacting with others.

"I Am Second is primarily focused on relating and befriending those who would never darken the door of a church," explains I Am Second UNT's Lauren Haynie.

The discussions surround serious issues like child abuse, prostitution and racism. The club is very much an outreach, and as discussion starts flowing, anyone in attendance is free to ask questions and share their thoughts.

Beyond just talking about issues however, I Am Second clubs are designed to do something. I Am Second UNT members volunteer with a Homeless Ministry on a weekly basis, and also donate time to a local church.

This ministry is a wonderful way to not only serve as Christ served, but also to spread His love to nonbelievers. Click here to find an I Am Second chapter near you.

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