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By December 6, 2013

International (MNN/HCJB) — After centuries of diligent missionary work to share the Gospel, there are still countless places around the world where less than 2% of the people have ever heard about Jesus.

Right now, at year-end, believers have an opportunity to come alongside HCJB to change that. With The 2% Solution, there is opportunity to make inroads where few missionaries have gone before.

Give a gift to transform lives.

Supporting The 2% Solution will provide 5 ways to change the lives of people who are physically, socially, and spiritually trapped.

  • Christian Radio Transmissions will reach people with the Gospel message.
  • Clean Water Projects will remove the threat of waterborne illness and provide spiritual refreshment for parched souls.
  • Control-Z social media will reach desperate youth who have lost their faith.
  • Missionary Mentoring will prepare a new generation to serve in places where Western missions are no longer effective.
  • Sonset Radios are solar-powered radios that carry Scripture, Bible teaching and worship to remote villages.

You are a critical part of reaching the unreached.

Pray that The 2% Solution will impact lives for Christ. Pray that through media channels and practical healthcare projects, God’s compassion and power will be demonstrated to a world seeking answers to the pain of poverty, spiritual darkness, and disease.

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