Beirut bombings dimmed in light of Paris

By November 17, 2015
(Wikimedia Commons)

(Wikimedia Commons)

Lebanon (MNN) — Even when the “City of Lights” goes dark, it still blinds the world.

On November 13th, ISIS staged an attack in Paris, stopping the Western world where it stood. As a result, few are talking about the bombings in Beirut, Lebanon, which happened the night before.

“I think in the minds of most media members, it’s not that remarkable that there would be a bombing or attack in Lebanon,” observes Todd Nettleton with Voice of the Martyrs USA.

“When you talk about Paris, you talk about a Western Country, you talk about one of the world’s great cities,”

Just because violence in Lebanon isn’t a “shocker” doesn’t mean it should be forgotten. Last week’s Beirut bombings have been the capital’s deadliest since the end of Lebanon’s civil war in 1990.

Nettleton believes ISIS is targeting Lebanon because of its desire to expand.

(Map credit: Springtime of Nations blog)

(Map credit: Springtime of Nations blog)

“The Islamic State is not satisfied with their current borders. When they talk about the caliphate, they talk about it expanding. They talk about it taking new territory…so, certainly one of their next-door neighbors is going to be in the line of that expansion,” said Nettleton.

If the world isn’t too concerned with the happenings of ISIS in Lebanon, why should Christians bother?

Nettleton has the answer: “The Bible says that we are all part of one body and that when one part of the body hurts, then we’re supposed to feel it.

“[Believers] in the Middle East, in Syria, in Iraq, in Lebanon — those parts of the Body of Christ are hurting… and we need to be connected and sense that pain, just as the Bible calls us to.”

VOM is working in the Middle East to deliver humanitarian aid to refugees. But, Nettleton says, “The most important thing is for us to lift [Christians and refugees] up in prayer.”

Nettleton also urges Christians to pray for the persecutors.

“We’ve had some stories in the last year of ISIS fighters having dreams or visions of Christ and choosing to leave ISIS and follow Jesus Christ. We need to pray that that will happen more.”

Distributing aid to refugees. (Photo courtesy VOM USA)

Distributing aid to refugees.
(Photo courtesy VOM USA)

Please be praying for Christians in Lebanon; pray for their protection, faithfulness, and willingness to share the Gospel despite the risks. Also, pray persecutors will come to know Christ.

If you want to donate to VOM’s work with refugees, click here.


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