Beirut schools battle COVID-19 lockdowns and other obstacles

By January 5, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — Many schools in Lebanon have reopened, including Beirut Baptist School, a ministry of LSESD. Principal Alice Wazir says while the school has suffered periodic COVID-19 lockdowns, the Beirut explosion also damaged several classrooms this summer. Read more about this explosion and its effect on Beirut here.

Along with many other buildings in Beirut, BBS lost several windows when the shockwave of the explosion shattered glass around the city. “We had to decide what buildings we can use, and what buildings we cannot. Some of the buildings, in which only the glass was affected, we were able to fix immediately. Which means that we were able to function with 30% of capacity.”

LSESD has also helped repair several other Beirut schools that were damaged in the explosion. You can read more about that here.

Damage to BBS after the explosion in August. (Photo courtesy of BBS on Facebook)

COVID-19 protocols

Now that kids are back in school, they have to follow strict protocols to combat COVID-19. In addition to a new cleaning routine, BBS can only host 50% of all students on campus. They also modified their desks using Plexiglass. “We put a Plexi safety shield on every desk. So students will come to school wearing their masks, and they sit all day long at this desk. We added two nurses on daily basis taking temperatures. We take their temperature on arrival, and we take their temperature every hour for every single child on campus.”

BBS not only educates students but often supports their families as well, especially as so many are suffering during the financial crisis. Many also lost their homes in the Beirut explosion. Wazir says, “We don’t believe that financial reasons should be a reason to leave the school, especially in times of crisis. So part of the school’s mission is to provide support for families .” Right now, BBS supports around 250 families.

Pray BBS will be able to continue supporting families of students in this way. You can support this effort by donating here. Most of all, pray that many in Lebanon will see Christ’s love shining through the school this year.



Beirut Baptist School after the Beirut explosion. (Photo courtesy of Beirut Baptist School on Facebook)

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