Believer pled for pastor’s release after attack and kidnapping

By May 20, 2010

Asia (MNN) — While worshipping during their Sunday morning service, believers were disrupted when 50 anti-Christian extremists entered their church, attacking them, and kidnapping their pastor, Abhay Jhadav–a pastor sponsored by Gospel for Asia.

As the invaders entered the church, GFA reports that hey threw items from inside the church, grabbed any songbooks and Bibles they could see, and took the tithes and offerings.

After this, they grabbed Pastor Abhay, dragged him outside, and began beating him. "We think they came with the intention of killing Pastor Abhay," a GFA field correspondent reported.

Instead, they took the pastor away and put him in jail, accusing him of forced conversion. But his congregation came and pleaded for his release to the police, saying Jhadav had been falsely accused and that they all worshiped God by choice.

Finally, after Jhadav had been in prison for seven hours, police released him after hearing the believers' appeals.

The incident adds to increased violence against Christians by extremists and the number of congregations disturbed while worshiping.

Pray for these believers to continue to boldly share Christ in the face of violence and even potential death. Pray that God will soften the hearts of those who oppose Him and that their actions will bring about amazing revival in Christ's name.

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