Believers are acting on AIDS to save a generation.

By December 1, 2005

International (MNN)–World AIDS Day is now in its 18th year–the mission of awareness has not lessened in impact one iota since word of the silent menace began to spread.

Today, in spite of concerted efforts for medicine, education and prevention, AIDS still has not lessened its grip in sub-Saharan Africa.

In fact, World Vision’s Steve Haas says what’s alarming is that the epicenter of the pandemic is shifting East to Russia and India.

In spite of the bad news, Haas says this is a great opportunity to fulfill the mandates of Scripture. “When we look at the situation of AIDS, the greatest creator of orphans is AIDS. The greatest creator of widows is AIDS. The issue that seems to find itself so closely akin to the poor is AIDS infection. The church was made for moving against this disease.”

Haas explains that World Vision has come around the pandemic with an effective multi-pronged approach. “We’re watching students become alive to the issue.” He says there are groups on campus not only talking about the problems, but also advocating solutions.

Another area is in international business. “We’re also watching businesses get involved–of course we’re also watching churches, many of which are not only becoming alive to what’s happening on this issue, but they’re getting their congregations involved.”

With the church’s involvement, it gives their members a good chance to be the living representation of the Gospel. The more that’s done in deed, the more open people are to the message of peace.

If you’d like more information, go to the World Vision website.

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