Believers assessing needs in Sichuan earthquake zone

By May 14, 2008

China (MNN) — The death toll from China's massive quake has
soared beyond 12,000, and that's expected to go up as more missing people
are found in the rubble. The quake jolted Sichuan province and is thought to be
the worst in three decades.  

Nearly 19,000 people were buried under rubble in one city
alone. Rescue efforts were hampered
further by heavy rain in areas without power or communications. 

The Chinese government is opening the door to outside
aid. Russia
responded with a plane full of rescuers and supplies.

Meanwhile, Baptist Global Response's Jeff Palmer says
they're partnering with the Southern Baptists in an emergency response. A needs assessment is ongoing. "The first thing we're going to do is
get water, food and shelter to those who are in need. That in and of itself, people coming from
halfway across the world, is a testimony to the people who are there. It's the
love of Christ that compels us, and we are commanded to help those who are in

Even as Christian relief teams are being assembled, Palmer
says, "Prayer is the strategy that we want to mobilize, first and
foremost–praying for those who are in suffering,
those who've lost family members, those already responding to the effort, [and] also pray for wisdom and knowledge of how to respond." 

Pray that the international community will find ways to
respond quickly and effectively. Pray,
too, that God will raise up Christian relief workers to help meet needs. Click here if you can help.

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