Believers assist in flood-ravaged Romania.

By May 9, 2005

Romania (MNN)–Heavy flooding hit northwest Romania, making 3700 homeless, mostly from Timis county at the border with Serbia and Montenegro.

Called the worst flooding in three and a half decades, the waters destroyed many bridges and dikes, making many roads unusable.

Telephones and electricity were cut off, adding to the lack of fresh drinking water. It wasn’t a major scale disaster, but to the villagers who lost their homes and farms, it was a lifetime’s work washed away.

In response, World Vision is concentrating an emergency relief effort on two villages (Foeni and Uuivar) in the worst hit of the seven impacted counties.

Teams are also making plans to reconstruct houses and schools lost to the waters. It’s a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name to those who have lost everything to the flooding.

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