Believers bring hope, encourage downcast widows

By February 25, 2013

India (MNN) — Could you imagine worrying every day that a tiger might eat your loved one? It's a valid fear in India.

West Bengal is India's fourth most-populated nation, with approximately 91 million residents. In one of this state's 19 districts is a region known as the Village of Tigers.

When husbands and fathers from this village go into the forest, it's not unusual for tigers "'to jump upon the men and kill them," says Sister Hannah.

Thousands of widows are left behind as a result. With small children to care for and little-to-no job skills, the women become desperate. Some even consider suicide. That's where a women's ministry supported by Gospel for Asia comes in.

"They will go to that woman, they will share the love of Christ, they will encourage them," Sister Hannah explains. "Moreover, they just stand with them, ask them, 'How [are you] doing? How are things?'"

Women missionaries and Sisters of Compassion also help widows in this area find tuition for their children, as well as distribute blankets and daily necessities like clothing. With each action, believers get another opportunity to share the hope of Christ.

As widows see Jesus' love, they give their lives to Him.

"These widows [are] more encouraged, and now they're attending our worship services," says Sister Hannah.

Ask God to protect believers in West Bengal as they share His love with the desperate. Pray that doors would continually open for women missionaries to serve those in need.

This small, GFA-supported group of believers now works in 6 different areas helping 2,000 widows. Over 500 widows are now attending church, Hannah adds.

More national women missionaries are needed in the field. Pray that God would send more workers to His great harvest in India.

Find out how you can help send a woman missionary into the field.

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