Believers celebrate ministry in Ghana that liberates.

By July 27, 2004

Ghana (MNN)–Ghana’s government is breathing a sigh of relief after the United States cancelled over a billion dollars in debt.

Ghana is pursuing practical economic measures that are aimed at accelerating economic development. The government is shifting its focus to an already outlined “Poverty Reduction Strategy Program”, which includes vocational training.

Oasis International Ministry’s Art Speck says they’re doing their part to help at their school, located in Pram-Pram. “We are doing biblical and vocational training. Although we are just a young school, we’ve only been operating for two years, we’re starting in our third year, we’re looking to expand what we are doing.”

Speck says the timing of the expansion is in God’s hands. “As the finances come in, we have more finances to expand and put up the building for the vocational wing and as we get more teachers, we would like to offer classes such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, batiking, hair care, sewing, things like that that can be done in the village.”

In addition to offering spiritual training through systematic Bible studies, OIM teams also offer training in bookkeeping and clerical work, computer, audio and video tape recording, photography, printing, and landscaping.

Continue to pray for instructors and the existing teams as they encourage the church in Ghana.

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