Believers from various tribes meet for teacher training

By April 20, 2012

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — Nine Dinangat Bible teachers from a remote area of Papua New Guinea recently boarded an airplane to fly to another village. It was the first time aboard a plane for some of them.

The reason for the trek? New Tribes Mission is hosting a Citizen Teacher Training Seminar.

"It is the goal of NTM to make disciples and to teach them to obey all the commands that we have been given, knowing that He is with us, even to the end of the age," wrote Ralf Schlegel, an NTM missionary in Papua New Guinea. "That is the whole commission that we have been given. Our goal is to bring more worshippers into the Kingdom, and the vision looks past this current generation to the children and grandchildren who will come behind."

Schlegel added, "Our desire is to train teachers not only in the ‘how' of doing what we do, but also in the ‘why' of doing what we do. We want them to have an answer when they are confronted by various religions and methods and to be able to logically defend the Gospel and their church planting methods."

The classes the Dinangat teachers will attend could not be more pertinent. Three quarters of Papua New Guinea have yet to trust Christ as their Savior. The more people trained to accurately preach the Gospel, the more who will hear the Truth.

Ralf and his wife, Elli, are excited to see the Dinangat Bible teachers attending the classes. Part of the vision is to bring Bible teachers from many people groups together to worship and fellowship.

The classes the Dinangat Bible teachers will attend will be taught by elders from one of the tribal churches in the area. There are 125 attending each day.

This is a new opportunity for many of these teachers. Pray that it will allow them to see the larger Body at work and that it will motivate them in spreading the Good News of Christ.

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