Believers have short window of time to reach out to Muslims

By September 3, 2010

USA (MNN) — When Muslim extremists open fire on American soldiers at Fort Hood or attempt a bombing on Christmas, it can be difficult for Christians to sympathize with Muslims. So why should believers focus outreach specifically to the Muslims around them?

Fouad Masri with Crescent Project says there are multiple reasons. First, believers should understand that the reason behind extremist attacks are not so much religious as they are relational. In other words, without entering into a relationship with the loving Christ, no one can stand above sin. Anyone filled with hatred as these extremists clearly are "needs to know the love of Jesus," says Masri. "And Islam has not given that."

A second reason to reach out? The harvest is ripe. This is especially true during these last few days of Ramadan–a Muslim holy month in which many Muslims are really seeking truth. Many Muslims do not understand the love of Christ, but as they see believers living out their faith–loving those closest to them as well as their enemies and doing their best to be obedient to Christ, Muslims often respond.

The proof is in the numbers. "In the last 15 years, more Muslims have become followers of Jesus than in the previous 1,400 years," notes Masri. "And the number one reason is that they met an authentic Christian."

Perhaps above any other reason, Masri points out that believers have a responsibility to reach out to the nations, as Jesus commissioned in Matthew 28. American Christians have a unique opportunity to reach Muslims in the States–a region with freedom of religion and freedom of speech. The fact is, though, the opportunity is still limited.

"Outreach and reaching out and sharing the Good News is the only thing we cannot do in heaven," explains Masri. "Worship we can do on earth, but it'll be greater in heaven. But reaching out to others and sharing the Gospel cannot happen in heaven. It's done. Now is the only time we can do this. This is the window to share the Good News."

The harvest is ripe, and believers have been called to reap it. But what if you don't feel led to this mission field? Is direct outreach the only way you can help? The simple answer is "no." If you don't feel led to this mission or perhaps do not even know any Muslims, you can still help on this important and fertile mission ground. First, you can help by diligently praying for the Muslims in the United States. Second, for only $10 you can get a Bible into the hands of a Muslim, given to them by a believer who understands Islam and has been called by God to reach out to some of the 7 million Muslims in the country.

If you would like to give a donation of $10, $50 or even $100, please visit the "Give" section of the Crescent Project Web site and select "Give-A-Gospel." Your donation will go specifically to bring the Word of God to Muslims by a believer who loves them. Pray for the recipients of these Bibles as you give.

To learn more about Crescent Project and how you can get your hands on resources that will help you best reach out to the Muslims around you, click here.


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