Believers in North Korea need encouragement; gift packages should help

By January 3, 2011

North Korea (MNN) — North Korea has been called the most restrictive nation in the world.

North Koreans are generally not permitted to leave the country, many citizens are detained in prison camps, and the majority of people live in extreme poverty, often going without food, water and medical supplies. The country's power-hungry leader, Kim Jong Il, has been known to place the peoples' needs as a low priority. Human rights violations are continuously reported.

Christians are particularly at risk in North Korea. According to the U.S. Department of State, the North Korean government "severely restricts religious activity." North Korea was #1 on 2010 on Open Doors' World Watch List for persecution and will remain so in 2011.

Needless to say, Christians in North Korea could use some encouragement and a great deal of prayer. Voice of the Martyrs, Canada has an opportunity for you to help these violently oppressed brothers and sisters.

VOM is sending a Christmas Blessing to believers in North Korea: gift packages that contain food, toiletries, medication (a commodity in extremely low supply in North Korea, according to the U.S. State Department), clothing and Christian literature. The project has been on-going throughout the last year. Over $80,000 has been raised to supply 1,600 packages.

You can still donate to send a package to a believer in North Korea. This is a way to let our brothers and sisters know that, although they may not have much contact with the outside world, they have not been forgotten. It will provide basic needs for believers which they may otherwise not have. Donate here.

Pray that these gifts would build Korean Christians up in their faith. Pray that they would daily lean on the Lord and that He would provide their basic needs for them. Pray that these packages would encourage believers to share the Good News despite government disapproval. Pray finally for members of the North Korean government to come to Christ.

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