Believers proclaim peace in ravaged Nepal.

By May 19, 2005

Nepal (MNN)–Ministering in Nepal, Gospel For Asia’s Pastor Mangal got caught in the crossfire between the government and insurgent Maoists.

Despite threats on his life, Mangal continued to minister in his village and surrounding areas. That brought notice from both the government and rebels.

Several months ago, he was severely beaten by a Nepalese officer who believed he was carrying food to the rebels. After recovering from that abuse, he continued going village to village, sharing the Gospel.

Again, his activities brought him notice. The Maoist commander was suspicious of Mangal’s work, and beat him severely again.

This time, upon recovery, he left the village to minister in a different area. But, he didn’t go without leaving someone behind to carry on the work: A GFA Bible college student who recently graduated will be serving in his stead.

Because of the threat on his life and ministry, Pastor Mangal can’t return at the moment to his home village. But, he hopes that he can one day return to the village God gave him such a passion for.

Please pray for Pastor Mangal’s protection, for growth in the new ministry he has started. And remember the newly graduated Bible college student who will carry on the work for him.

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