Believers respond to children’s hospital attack in Ukraine

By July 11, 2024

Ukraine (MNN) — Several analysts refute Russia’s claim that Kyiv was behind the Monday bombing of Ukraine’s largest children’s hospital. Evidence includes material containing a serial number linked to a Russian-made cruise missile.

Two adults died when a missile struck the hospital during the Monday morning rush hour, and at least 300 people were injured, including children. Slavic Gospel Association’s Eric Mock says, “It is absolutely unthinkable to see that a missile would hit a place that is known only for caring for those [who] are suffering.”

Praise God for sparing the life of a young Christian girl who was receiving dialysis at the hospital. She and her mother were in the building directly struck by the missile.

Members of the Ukrainian Baptist Union provide food in strike zones through mobile kitchens.
(Photo courtesy of Irpin Bible Church via Eric Mock/SGA)

The girl’s mother writes in an update to SGA partners:

“I was saying goodbye to my life when the basement ceiling collapsed on us. When I got outside, I saw that the hospital room where Solomia and other children were on dialysis was covered with destroyed parts of the building. I saw the body of our doctor in the window, and on the asphalt, there were parts of cribs and mattresses on which our children were sleeping, torn to pieces.

“In my mind, I said goodbye to my daughter, but a nurse ran out to meet me and said that all the children had been taken out of the rubble alive!

“I thank my Lord that we survived in the building where the missile had hit us directly. I am grateful to the nurses and doctors who were wounded themselves but pulled the children out of the rubble.

“God, please protect Ukraine so that our innocent people do not die!”

The hospital attack was part of a broader Russian assault striking several targets across Ukraine on Monday, one of the largest since the war began. Hope for survival is slim today as rescue efforts shift to recovery.

“The emergency crews are working hard. The Ukrainian Baptist Union used one of its mobile food kitchens to provide food and meals for those in need,” Mock says.

Ask the Lord to strengthen SGA church partners as they provide help and hope in strike zones across Ukraine. Partner with SGA’s Ukraine relief efforts here.

“A lot of missile strikes have been hitting electrical substations. We’re trying to get them more generators and solar power systems,” Mock says. “We continue to provide support for food and medical items, especially in the frontline areas.”



Header and story images courtesy of Irpin Bible Church via Eric Mock/SGA.

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