Believers ‘too busy’ to reach the lost

By January 2, 2013

Taiwan (MNN) — The working poor make up about half of Taiwan's population. According to the Taipei Times, Taiwan's figures show that of the 108,000 families classed as poor in Taiwan, 80,000 are impoverished because of low incomes resulting from unemployment or being in atypical employment.

Jeremy Hsu with The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM) says, "We have no breakthrough for the Gospel in this big segment of Taiwan, and so we are looking to be a difference in there. We are looking to go to the heart of darkness in Taiwan."

Hsu serves in Taiwan and tells Mission Network News about the challenges they face. "I think spiritual bondage definitely is a main issue, because most of these people. Demonic activities [are] their way of life."

There are even more issues. "Besides that, they are less educated, and therefore they have less capacity for good decision-making. They get into a vicious cycle of bad decisions and bad consequences of life: decisions like alcohol problems, drug problems, gambling, divorce, family break-up."

Hsu says where they're working, "One-third of the children are from broken families."

What's society doing to help? "The society in general [does not] know how to respond. They trust the government to do something, but government can only do so much," says Hsu.

He says believers need a deeper understanding of the Great Commission. "The lack of discipleship in Taiwan, in general, is producing this apathy toward reaching their neighbors."

Ask God to send more workers to His spiritual harvest in Taiwan. "A lot of people are going to China, but Taiwan is somewhat left behind, and we need help."


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