Believers try ‘marketplace missions’ in Lebanon

By October 25, 2021

Lebanon (MNN) — If you’re looking to move anywhere in the world, Lebanon may not seem like the best option right now.

The infrastructure is crumbling. Multiple ongoing crises have increased poverty and put society on edge. See our full Lebanon coverage here. 

However, Alesha* with Cry Out Now says the move makes sense from a business perspective.

“Right now, the country is in a dire situation, but the dollar goes far here, and we have dollars. Financially, that opens up many doors. As long as you have dollars, you have an opportunity here,” Alesha explains.

Alesha recently moved to Lebanon with her husband and new baby. Because Alesha’s business is brand new and still getting off the ground, we’re not sharing many details for security purposes.

We can say it’s creating various opportunities for believers to interact with people from different religions. “While we’re not broadcasting that we’re doing that, we are very open with the people who will connect with our business,” Alesha says.

It’s hard work to start a new business, even in a good economy. Very few in Lebanon have purchasing power right now; most people struggle to meet their daily needs. Only God can make this idea work.

“[We tell people] ‘hey, we believe in prayer first; that prayer takes you further than just striving.’ There’s a quote that says, ‘Grace takes you further than the grind ever will,’” Alesha says.

“We want to bring in jobs, but we want the hand of the Lord in it. And that only comes from first honoring Him in prayer.”

Pray the future of Alesha’s business will unfold as God intends. Pray believers can share the Gospel in daily conversations.

“We believe in the power of prayer and breakthrough through Jesus Christ,” Alesha says.

“Many people have been softened by the idea that only God can breakthrough, and there’s not a man-made solution.”




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