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Published on 14 July, 2017

Belize needs books

Belize (MNN) — How big is your home library? If you even have one book, yours is bigger than most collections in Belize.

But that’s all going to change if Jason Woolford of Mission Cry has anything to say about it.

Mission Cry’s goal is to get a Bible or Christian book into every home in Belize by November. They’ve already sent two sea containers holding about one million dollars in Christian literature, and according to distribution partners on the ground like Pastor Manuel, God is already changing lives.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

To reach large groups of people, Pastor Manuel is helping put on an event called Festival of Hope. “In the Festival of Hope we are trying to bring every pastor together and every ministry as one body to reach the unsaved people,” he says. The Festival will use concerts, sermons, and more to bring the Gospel to everyone who will listen, and Pastor Manuel says “every person who accepts Christ at the festival will receive one of Mission Cry’s books.”

Woolford explains, “If there’s one thing that brings unity to the Body of Christ, it’s the Word and giving people the Word.” A story from Pastor Manuel proves the merit of his words.

As Pastor Manuel reached out to pastors and tried to convince them to join the Festival of Hope, one man in particular stubbornly refused to be a part of the movement because of denominational differences. Pastor Manuel began to pray, and when he received a new shipment from Mission Cry, one Bible stuck out to him. “Well, there’s one thing he can’t argue with: the Word of God,” he recalls saying.

He took the Bible to the reluctant pastor, who broke down in tears and apologized for the harsh attitude he had shown to Pastor Manuel.

“The powerful thing about that is that was a used Bible that was just sitting on someone’s shelf,” Woolford says. “Instead, it mended a relationship, it opened doors, but most importantly it provided the Word of God to a pastor who desperately needed it.

“Everyone has needs of food and clothes and the list goes on and on, but all of those things return void. The Word of God doesn’t.”

Interested in helping out? Mission Cry needs $75,000 and your prayers to give every home access to a Bible or a Christian book by November. “We are giving the Word of God to people around the world and I’d ask not what you could do, but what God would have you do, and I’d ask that you’d pray about that.”

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One response to “Belize needs books”

  1. I have duplicates of Bibles and very good Christian reading. If you are interested anthem just ley me know where to send them. Thank you.

    Lorraine C. Evans

    P.S. Just found the answer to my question. I’ll begin, gathering, sorting, packing, and mailing ASAP.

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