Bethlehem Bible College prepares students to serve God despite uncertainty

By September 18, 2019

Palestine (MNN) — It’s back to school season in many countries all over the world, including Palestine. Bethlehem Bible College in Palestine is preparing to welcome students back on campus this year.

Gabriel Hanna, academic dean vice president and head of student affairs for Bethlehem Bible College, explains that two of the biggest challenges students face are uncertainty in their future and financial difficulty.

(Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College)

“The students are really seeking better education but at the same time, the future is not clear…. The political future is not clear and it affects all [areas] of our lives,” Hanna says.

Many students and families living in Palestine are torn between staying and leaving, making their future goals and plans uncertain. But with the Christian population in Palestine hovering at 1 percent, attending a Bible college is a unique opportunity.

According to the Joshua Project, Palestine’s population is 99% unreached by Christianity, with over 4 million people currently unreached. Attending Bethlehem Bible College gives students a chance to connect with other Christians and grow in their knowledge of God’s Word.

Once students have completed their education at the school they can use their skills to become a Christian influence in the workplace. Hanna explains that with their mass media studies program they air programs on national television, which allows the college and its students to reach many people.

“We invite people from the private sector and the governmental sector. We do… a lot of research before we do the T.V episode on national T.V.,” he says. “We target issues like human rights, violence, and drugs. People come [to Bethlehem Bible College] and they trust that we don’t have a hidden agenda.”


Scholarships and New Opportunities

Bethlehem Bible College provides students with education on topics like mass media and Biblical studies. Click here for more information about other programs at the college.

Yet many students struggle to pay for classes on their own due to political unrest in the Middle East and financial needs.

(Photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College)

While BethBC provides scholarships to help students, there are some that still need the help of other financial aid.

Hanna says, “Education is expensive…. We never say no to anybody. If you don’t have the money now, if you want to study the Word of God, you are most welcome.”

Bethlehem Bible College uses partner financial support to help pay the fees of students who can’t afford to take classes on their own. Hanna explains that the college is also in the process of developing new curriculum and activities for the students but need the financial resources to create these programs and help students cover the costs.

The main challenge for both students and for the college is financial aid in the face of rising college expenses. “We depend… on people like you… that they have the heart [or] have the ability and maybe they have something they can help,” Hanna says.

Click here to donate to BethBC or click here for a list of other volunteer opportunities with the college.

Another way to help BethBC is to keep them in prayer. Hanna says, “Pray for us and pray for peace and justice.”

Please pray for both the college staff and its students as they begin another school year and teach more students about God’s Word. Pray also for peace in Palestine and the surrounding region.



Header photo courtesy of Bethlehem Bible College.