BGR brings healing, new life to Central Asia

By March 11, 2013

Central Asia (MNN) — One group is showing the love of Christ to desperate families in the landlocked region known as Central Asia.

Five nations formerly belonging to the Soviet Union comprise Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan. Baptist Global Response works with partners on the ground, maintaining a variety of projects throughout Central Asia.

In one area, over 1,500 workers were recently trained to supervise the treatment of tuberculosis (TB) patients in more than 1,000 rural villages. TB is common among moms with young kids in this region.

As a result of their outreach, BGR partners say over 90% of patients in five separate districts finished their TB treatment.

In another part of Central Asia, BGR partners are helping refugees in the name of Christ. Nearly a million refugees have come to the city where they work, and almost all of them lack job skills. BGR partners also encounter many single-parent families who have lost a father to fighting or illness.

BGR's training program in this town has seen a high level of success. Approximately 60% of those who enter the program complete it, obtaining skills and training in welding. Because there's a huge demand for skilled workers in this city, graduates often do not have a problem finding a job and earning income to support their families.

Pray for boldness for BGR partners to share Christ with the lost and desperate in Central Asia. Pray that the seeds of His love planted during this project will bear fruit in many lives.

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