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By April 7, 2016

International (MNN) — Today is World Health Day. But did you know that Baptist Global Response cares about the health of others every day?

At BGR, health is a big deal. There’s even a ministry project for it, through which God has been changing lives, healing lives, and sharing the Gospel.

For one woman, Sveta, health care was not something available to her, her daughter, or her granddaughter. After fleeing their homeland which was being ripped apart by violence and war, Sveta, her daughter, and her granddaughter lived as poor refuges. Food and shelter were memories of the past as they scrounged about for the basics to feed and protect themselves.

(Photo Courtesy BGR)

(Photo courtesy BGR)

Then one day, Sveta’s daughter became ill. It turned out that she would need surgery. Without a way to pay for food, let alone health care, life looked bleak, until God placed it on a Christian aid worker’s heart to offer BGR’s funds and donations to pay for Sveta’s daughter’s operation.

Shocked, Sveta wasn’t sure what to expect. It was hard for her to see where this worker’s kindness was coming from when all she had known previously was war. But the kindness she experienced was the love of Christ. That’s a love matched by none other.

BGR’s health project aims to rescue the perishing and provide a healing touch. After all, God doesn’t just care about the soul–He cares about the body, too. And one of the ways to care for others while sharing the Gospel is by meeting both their physical and spiritual needs.

As it turns out, providing for people’s health, caring for them, and loving them is just one of the ways God uses to open doors for the Gospel and work through His people. Please pray that God will continue to use BGR to transform lives.

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