Bible Adventures for Kids blows open international doors.

By April 4, 2007

International (MNN) — The International Bible Society is
inviting kids to interact with the big Story of the Bible. 

Their devotional approach to the Scriptures awakens kids'
mental, physical, social, spiritual, and artistic senses. Designed to tailor the Bible to child
development, IBS' Lareau Anderson says "Living the Story" helps make Bible reading and devotions a way
of life.   

Established habits early on are likely to bear fruit
later. Teaching the children to
appreciate and integrate Scriptures, the Bible is the real saga of a particular
people–how God called them and intended for them to bring a blessing to all

explains, "There's this window of time that is really quite critical for
children. Some call it the '4/14
Window.'  If we want to be very effective
in reaching the current generation, it's just so critical that we produce
pieces that can effectively reach children, because they're at a point in their
life where they're making so many life changes."

Early efforts in distribution were met with wild enthusiasm,
which prompted IBS to make it available, for free, on the web. "We started
this in Latin America, and now we've
translated them all into English. We have made them available on our IBS
website. We're also expanding this into five different countries in Africa,
(and) we've also done a version in Thai."

There are 12 "chapters" of Living the Story Bible Adventures for Kids–one for each month of
the year.  Click here if you'd like more

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  • Hi. I need to know if the Living the Story Bible Adventures are available in print? I like the everything about. I have a class average of 50. I would really like to provide each student with a workbook and we work as a group with the material.

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