Bible camps for kids in the Middle East

By June 4, 2018

Middle East (MNN) – As refugees in the Middle East return to their home countries, Triumphant Mercy wants to take one last opportunity to openly minister to kids through Bible Camps.

Bible Camp in the Middle East

“Before they go back home, we have been teaching them math, and Arabic, and English, and all these things,” says Nuna from Triumphant Mercy. “And I really want to focus having them to know Jesus, to know who He is and to just go back with the knowledge. I want to plant a seed inside each one of these children.”

Nuna says Triumphant Mercy workers cherish the children they work with and because of this, they want their lives to be forever changed for the better.

“I don’t want them to go back just with a head [of] knowledge. I want them to experience God. And I’m planning as many Bible Camps as we can.”

(Photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy via Facebook)

Each camp is free to the children and will be a month-long day camp that focuses on the Word of God but also lets children interact with the story through reenactment and games.

For instance, Nuna shares during a previous Bible Camp, they reenacted the Lazarus story by wrapping up one of the kids. They’ve also encouraged the children to understand what the emotions are like with the loss of a friend or being blind.

“Reenacting everything, making it alive [can] bring them to a deeper knowledge of who Jesus is and actually trying to make them love this man, Jesus, who came for them,” Nuna says.

Young Hearts Changed

Triumphant Mercy is excited to see how this camp will change children’s hearts and lives.

They previously held an Easter Bible Camp and saw how it affected children from all religions. Nuna shares they had children who were Christians and children who were Muslims.

Near the end of the camp time, one of the Muslim girls said she had thought she wasn’t allowed to speak to Christians or anyone of a different faith, but since attending the camp, she learned that wasn’t true and she came to know and love Jesus.

(Photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy via Facebook)

“That’s the response I expect from as many as possible,” Nuna says.

However, with the hopes of such incredible responses, Triumphant Mercy knows the camps need your prayer.

“Without Jesus or without the Spirit of God opening hearts, nothing can be done. Nothing can be done,” Nuna says.

“So, we can preach from morning to evening and nobody would be touched if it was not for the Spirit of God to touch people. So, I really need prayer for the teams that will be working and also for the kids that will be part of the camp so that their hearts, and their minds, their spirit would be open[ed] up to hear and to just recognize Jesus as the Savior.”

Pray that God will work through the camps and truly change the lives of these children. Pray He will give understanding and plant seeds in each one of them so that they can one day be leaders in their home countries. Pray also for the safety and encouragement of refugees as they return to their homes.

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