Bible classes for kids in refugee camps

By August 31, 2018

Lebanon (MNN) — This summer, Triumphant Mercy Ministries held Bible day camps for kids in refugee camps in Lebanon. So far, Nuna of Triumphant Mercy Ministries says they’ve planted the seeds of the Gospel in kids of all ages through their work.

“The response was so tremendous because of some people who just gave their hearts to Jesus. They said, ‘I want to believe this Jesus, and I believe He was the ultimate sacrifice.’”

The camps take kids through the Bible chronologically. Since almost every child is Muslim, these stories are ones they’re hearing for the first time or hearing from a different angle than they’re used to.

Nuna says one story from Genesis was particularly impactful.

“When we talked about the story of Abraham and Isaac and the sacrifice Abraham was making to God, they said, ‘I want to give myself on the altar and my life on the altar. This is the most precious thing I have, and I want to give to God.’”

The believers working with the kids reported profound questions from kids who are between 6 and 14 years old. They were especially interested in the sons of Abraham, wanting to know who and where they were and how they could become one.

But just introducing kids to the Gospel isn’t where the journey stops.

“All of their families are Muslims. Most of them don’t know anything about Islam, but they’re traditionally Muslim families that say, ‘This is the way we do it.’”

Yet parents are responding through ministry to their kids and families. Some of them are looking for explanation and understanding as they explore the Bible for themselves.

So Triumphant Mercy Ministries teams follow up with kids and their families even after the camp has ended.

“We have teams that are present all the time that will keep on visiting, especially with the kids who have shown such an interest and such a desire to know more,” Nuna says.

The workers gently walk children and adults through the Gospel message. Many families also choose to come together in small groups so they can learn about Scripture side-by-side. In other words, they form tent churches.

There are millions of refugees who still need help, and Triumphant Mercy Ministries wants to reach as many as they can. Want to help but can’t make the trip yourself? There are plenty of ways you can still get involved.

Photo and header photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Ministries

For example, the teams need funds to continue their work.

“We have workers on the ground that are going and spending days just being with people, visiting house to house to house,” Nuna says. “These people need to have some income so they can continue doing what they’re doing.”

If you’re interested in helping out, click right here and we’ll connect you.

“Whatever people do, it’s a seed that they’re planting towards the advancing of the Kingdom. If it’s personal, if they can come and just be here, or if they planted seeds of an offering, all of this helps.”

But most of all, pray.

“Pray that these seeds would take root in the ground and nothing would be able to move them, that they would be protected from the eyes of the devil and from everything that tries to steal them.”

These kids will be faced with peer, religious, and community pressure. Pray that they would flourish to reach thousands for Christ.

Triumphant Mercy Ministries took a short break before resuming the camps again within the last few weeks, and they’re currently working on preparing ministry in Syria.

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