Bible comics introduce islanders to the love of God

By May 21, 2014
bible comics
bible comics

10-year-old Timmy enjoys reading a Bible Comic in his language, Arosi.
(Image, caption courtesy UBS)

Solomon Islands (UBS/MNN) — Bible Comics are making inroads for the Gospel in the Solomon Islands. The cartoons are helping people become familiar with God by presenting the story of Abraham in a format that’s easily understood.

While the volcanic island nation is home to over 70 different languages, very few are available in written form. The comics are a start; Wycliffe Bible Translators USA and their partners are distributing them throughout the islands.

The stories are available in the lingua franca, Pijin, spoken by around 332,000 Solomon Islanders, as well as in Arosi, Bilua, Bughotu, Cheke Holo, Gela, Gao, Kwaio, Lengo, Roviana, Sa’a, Simbo, Ulawa, and Zabana.

“It’s not just children who are happy with the comics: the adults in the villages are also enjoying them,” says Ledua Turaganivalu of the Bible Society in the South Pacific.

“It is helping them realize that God loves them and that their language is important.”

It’s also providing a launch-pad for the Gospel message. While Christianity is the majority religion on the Solomon Islands, nominalism is a problem. Biblical resources in their heart language could help people of different language groups understand the salvation message.

The arrival of the Bible Comics was a happy moment for those involved in the translation work. (Image, caption courtesy UBS)

The arrival of the Bible Comics was a happy moment for those involved in the translation work.
(Image, caption courtesy UBS)

These comics are also providing a source of comfort in the wake of disaster.

In April, the worst flooding in the country’s history wreaked havoc throughout the Solomon Islands. The homes and livelihoods of some 50,000 islanders–10% of the country’s population–were utterly destroyed; 22 people lost their lives, and as of earlier this month, thousands remained in emergency shelters.

“Arosi was very badly affected, so we sent rice and supplies in the first week after the floods hit,” notes Debbie Conwell of SIL International, a Wycliffe partner. SIL has been actively involved in distributing the comics alongside relief materials.

“We included a batch of Bible Comics in the Arosi language. Many other areas, including Bilua and Gao, have also been very badly affected, and there is going to be a food shortage for some time.”

Here are some ways you can support Wycliffe’s work in the Pacific region. Just select “Pacific” from the drop-down menu.

Please pray for the people of Solomon Islands as they recover from the flooding. Pray that these Bible Comics will bless them. Pray also that God uses these comics to soften hearts toward Christ.

A version of this article first appeared on the United Bible Societies’ Web site; read the original version here. UBS works with Wycliffe on Bible translation projects throughout the world.

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