Bible correspondence website connects with more people

By May 29, 2008

Turkey (MNN) — Bible correspondence courses have a long history of success in Turkey, and the Internet is increasing their impact.

AMG International made contact with almost 20,000 people through newspapers and the Internet in 2007, and a record 450,000 different people visited the its correspondence course website in Turkey. An article on the website titled “What should I do to become a Christian?” was read more than 17,000 times.

Visitors to the website may also chat one-on-one with a Christian chat operator. This ministry provides personal explanations of the Gospel to visitors, some of whom decide
to become Christians or get baptized.Over 2,000 chat conversations took place in 2007.

Although web-based advertising has largely replaced newspaper advertising for Bible correspondence courses, newspaper advertising is still used to reach people who live in more remote areas or have less education than the typical Internet user.

Those who respond to AMG’s advertising receive an introductory course on the life of Christ, a New Testament, course coupons they can distribute to friends, and information about the closest local church. When the Bible courses are completed, participants may choose from a list of books. The ministry visits students when their interest in the Gospel appears to be serious. AMG partners with more than 100 believers and churches throughout Turkey.

Bible correspondence is one of the oldest outreaches in Turkey. Nearly half of Turkish converts from Islam had utilized Bible correspondence courses in their Christian walk, according to a study completed several years ago.

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