Bible distribution continues into the New Year with your help

By January 2, 2015
Photo by Bibles for China via Facebook.

(Photo by Bibles for China via Facebook)

China (MNN) — A lot happened in 2014– both good and bad. The Bibles for China team wants to thank anyone who contributed to their Bible fund on behalf of the thousands of rural Chinese Christians that received a Bible in 2014.

President of Bibles for China Wendell Rovenstine shares the following testimony from a Bibles for China team member:

 “It was a Sunday, and my nerves are going crazy. I’m anxious, nervous, excited, worried, eager, stressed. To put it lightly, I’m a mess. A friend from church sees this and approaches me, asking me to come with him to pray. The words that he spoke rang true throughout the trip: ‘Be still, the God that is here is the same God in China. The God that has called you to this Bibles for China Bible distribution is the same God that is preparing the hearts of the thousands of believers that you will meet during this trip.  You are not taking God to China, He’s taking you.’ Boy, was He right! 

While in China, we witnessed unbelievable wealth and extreme, almost inhumane poverty. But it was in this diverse group that I saw a hope so strong, a faith so deep, that it truly could move mountains. The believers that we met in rural China live on less than $500 a year. Yes, a year. They live in block structures smaller than most garages. Their villages are so remote that they rarely travel outside of their local community. Even if the means of transportation were available, it would not be affordable. 

What Satan had intended to use as shackles, however, God used for inspiration. He used for hope. I witnessed a faith so strong, a hope so deep, so inspiring, that it sent shockwaves through me, changing my expectations, realigning my priorities, and redefining my relationships. Did their faith move mountains? Well, yes! In a land of 1.5 billion people, in which only 100 million are true believers, I saw doors opened that can only be explained as “acts of God.” I witnessed a spiritual battle with such ferocious intensity that it was indescribable. Our Bibles for China Team experienced delays, roadblocks, modifications to our plans, so many attempts by Satan to distract and derail us, but through it all, God prevailed and the Bibles were distributed. 

My experience wasn’t just limited to the events in China. My Bible distribution experience was, essentially, two weeks that have changed my life forever. Thank you to those who served with me on our Bibles for China Team. Thank you to those who provided funds for Bibles and for my travel, and thank you to those who prayed. Together, by the grace of God, we have made a difference by providing His Word to believers in rural China who had no Bible. Please, be prayerful about China. The battle wages on.”

Like this man, many rural Chinese Christians pray for years to get their own Bible. (Photo by Bibles for China via Facebook)

Like this man, many rural Chinese Christians pray for years to get their own Bible. (Photo by Bibles for China via Facebook)

The 2015 spring distribution is in the planning process. It is critical for Bibles for China to know how many Bibles will have available to distribute as they determine the number of team members needed and other details of the Bible distribution. They need your help. The funds raised for Bibles in the next two months will determine the answers to the distribution questions. Each Bible is $5, and no gift is too small or too large. Please be as generous as God will allow when considering a gift to purchase Bibles.

Do You Want To Go?

Did you know that you can go with Bibles for China to deliver Bibles to rural Chinese believers? Each year, Bibles for China takes teams to verify, celebrate, and distribute Bibles to Chinese Christians. They need servants who want to go, verify, and distribute The Word to the needy in China. If you feel God is calling you to serve the mission field in China and would like to go with them, click here!


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