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Bible distribution moves to the ‘Cloud’

By May 8, 2009

International (MNN) — Troy Carl with Faith
Comes By Hearing
says a new software application called the Audio
Bible Ambassador will revolutionize Bible distribution.

Here's how it works: "A
person simply downloads a Bible for themselves. They give us permission to load
a small piece of audio Bible information into the software."

In other words, the FCBH team set up a
network that functions much like Skype, using a grid or cloud interface to
store pieces of the audio Bible in different languages on the hard drives of
"host" computers.

Then, let's say you choose to be an
ambassador to the Kirundi speakers of Burundi. Carl explains that "the computer system will go out to the
grid or to the 'cloud', and it will say, 'Where have people around the world
downloaded this particular language, and how do I stream that information back
to the user?'" That means that others wanting to download those languages
will snag pieces of the Bible from you as well as other computers for a
complete recording.

A request for a Kirundi Bible in
Burundi will go to your computer, and you will send the Scriptures back through
using a three-layer security encryption. "It'll actually give you a
notification that says 'you've reached 427 people in these language groups.
Click here to see a map of where you're personally having an impact and
distributing Scripture to these people groups around the world.'"

Click here if you want to get

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