Audio readers risk death in Kenya

By December 26, 2013

Kenya (MNN) — A people group which is 99% Muslim is hearing about Christ for the first time.

Greg Kelley and Greg Yoder talk in studio about unreached peoples in Kenya.

Greg Kelley and Greg Yoder talk in studio about unreached peoples in Kenya.

World Mission is making the Munyoyaya peoples, which number about 25,000, a priority for the Treasure, a solar powered audio Bible.

But, there’s a problem. World Mission’s Greg Kelley says the feedback they’ve received from the distributors reveals two things: “First, they’ve said these [Treasures] are wonderful. They’re amazing. The people really enjoy them. The second thing they’re telling us is: they can’t distribute them anymore.”

If they love it, why can’t they distribute more? Kelley says, “There are so few Christians there [in certain regions] that the voice of the recorder is recognizable. And, the more these are distributed, the more likelihood that he will be killed.”

In these Muslim areas, Christians lives are in danger. “When there’s persecution and opposition to the Gospel and they hear the recording of those people, they definitely put their lives in danager.”

Kelley says World Mission is making adjustments. “What World Mission has done is to reconfigure that voice so that it’s not identifiable anymore, and we’ll begin distributing them again next month.”

This people group is strategic. “The strategy to impact the most unreached nation in the entire continent of Africa, which is Somalia, is through Northern Kenya. That’s why we’re putting resources into these areas,” says Kelley.

$40 provides a Treasure in the Munyoyaya language in Northern Kenya. CONTINUE READING for the link to help.

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