Bible Distribution project timely for Ugandan Parliament

By October 1, 2007

Uganda (MNN) — Uganda's Parliament has officially declared
a state of emergency in the northern part of the country due to flooding. The floods have resulted into loss of life
and property constituting a natural disaster.

Bridges and roads have collapsed, and 174 schools in eight
districts have been affected. As the country's leaders ponder a course of
action, the timing of a Bible distribution project is perfect. 

World Bible Translation Center's Tom McGregor says on
October 8, each member will receive their own Easy-to-Read English Bible at the
National Prayer Breakfast. "I think that the Word of God will always be
the top priority in a case of emergency and will lend strength to people and
will give them the hope that they need."

The project was initially geared toward providing every
teacher in the country with their own Bible. The people of Uganda voted to have primary,
secondary, private, trade and non-teaching staff read the Bible daily to
their students.

Uganda's First Lady, Mrs. Janet Museveni, and the Minister of
Education and Sports, Honorable Geraldine Namirembe Bitamazire, chose the WBTC's
Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) because
of its simplicity in reading and understanding.

The potential to change the country is overwhelming.   The average Uganda classroom has 30
students. With the Bible being read to the students, there will be 8,773,000 students and teachers
hearing and understanding God's teachings daily on critical issues

It's a massive undertaking, and support is still needed. The first 163,000 Bibles have arrived, and
the distribution to teachers has begun. Few of the teachers have ever owned a
Bible and yet, they have total freedom to read the Bible to the students and to
teach them to follow the Scriptures in all public schools.

There are still 120,000 teachers who need Bibles. At $4 per Bible, the Center still needs
$480,000 to see the project through to completion. "Prayers are always needed for being
able to make sure the teachers are understanding the overall projec, and how
these Bibles are going to be able to help the students as well as themselves in
guiding them in the paths of righteousness and truth."

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