Bible engagement is a process

By February 10, 2012

USA (MNN) — Giving people an opportunity to hear or read the Gospel should be a priority of every Christian. But how to do that it is always an issue. The bottom line in seeing that change in someone's life is Bible engagement.

Biblica, formerly International Bible Society, is focused on Bible engagement, says the ministry's President and CEO Doug Lockhart. "The first part of Bible engagement: Is there a Bible that I can read, that's in my language, that I can understand? That's only the first step."

Sometimes that takes more than 10 years to complete. Lockhart says it's actually three steps. "It's the translation. It's putting together a printed or electronic output, but then it's also surrounding God's Word with discussion, interviews, etc — helping people understand that God's Word is for them today."

Initially, though, getting into God's Word is overwhelming, especially if the book is 1,000 pages. Lockhart says that why it's good to start with a Gospel of John. "Most people, when they open a book, they're going to start on page one, and they read from front to back. That's just how we read. So, to hand someone a Gospel of John — it's not overwhelming, but they get that clear story of Christ."

For evangelism, the Gospel of John is a great way to help a person understand salvation because it's so clearly presented.

Biblica is giving you an opportunity to get a FREE NIV Gospel of John to help you engage the Bible, or to help you encourage someone else to start that process. The Gospel of John starts with "In the beginning" and takes us to a new beginning, offering new life in Christ.

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