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By April 14, 2011

International (MNN) — In recent weeks, Mission Network News has reported a great deal on reaching out to Muslims. From conflicts in the Middle East, to conferences with Crescent Project, Arabic Muslims are on the minds of many.

Most Arabic Muslims, of course, speak Arabic. Even if they know English, Arabic is often the heart language they understand the best.

These are some pretty basic facts, but they are brought to light for an exciting reason.

Faith Comes By Hearing released its app a while ago–a downloadable application for computers and cell phones that contains the written and audio versions of the Bible in dozens of languages. The app has already been downloaded over one million times, but a new feature could reach even more with the Word.

The app is now available in Arabic. Although the app has always contained the Arabic language, users have had to get to it by using an English or Spanish app. But Faith Comes By Hearing has finished the app completely in Arabic now, so even users without English or Spanish training can download the app if they read Arabic.

The implications of this new feature could be significant. There is now the potential for countless more people to access the Word of God free of charge. Arabic Muslims, along with anyone else who speaks Arabic, could be transformed by the power of the Scriptures through one downloadable application.

For anyone who is an Arabic speaker or ministers to Arabic speakers, this could be an incredibly helpful tool.

The app is expanding daily, and Faith Comes By Hearing hopes to provide access to it in several more languages. Keep track of their progress at their Web site.

If you would like to download the app in English, simply visit Downloading in Arabic means actually downloading the app from an android, iPhone, iPad or similar device while the device has "Arabic" as the operating language. Then when the app is downloaded, it will all be in Arabic.

For any further information, contact Faith Comes By Hearing at 1-800-545-6552 or [email protected]

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  • Dave mccalll says:

    We had purchased a case of the bible sticks over a year ago for $20/ unit. Are they still available as we have been pleased with the results, and find that some people can’t read.

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